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Status: OpenPlease read my Terms of Service before ordering.
By commissioning me, you agree to have read and understood my terms of service.
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Status: OpenPlease read my Terms of Service before ordering.
By commissioning me, you agree to have read and understood my terms of service.


Status: OpenPlease read my Terms of Service before ordering.
By commissioning me, you agree to have read and understood my terms of service.

Thank you for submitting your commission form!
You submission will be reviewed shortly.
If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please contact me:



  • Prices are per character

  • If used for merch, please note it in the commission form.

  • Background: Transparent (Gradient background provided upon request)

  • Some details may be simplified if characters have complex designs


  • Starts at $60 USD each.

  • Includes half-body chibi only.

  • Commercial fee included.

  • Get a set of 6 for $330 ($30 off)

  • If used for other purposes, please ask!


  • Starts at $80 USD each.

✦ Extra Character+$60
✦ Simple Prop$15


  • Starts at $250 USD each.

  • Animation must be max 10 seconds.

  • Will deliver in 2 sizes:

  • 1600px (~30 MB) at 16 fps

  • 800px (~10MB) at 16 fps

✦ Extra Character+$200
✦ Simple Prop$40



First 2 Character Sheet Commission Forms I receive will get 10% off (0/2)

  • Choose a package that best fit your character's design, or build your own sheet following the pricing under Ad-Ons.

  • I will not accept character sheet commission forms with text-only or pinterest boards-only. Please prepare adequate references and descriptions to guide me through your ideas.

Starter Pack
Introduce Your Character
Front and Back Full Body, 1 Close-Up Detail, Color Palette
Standard Pack
Show A Little Personality
Everything in the Starter Pack and more:
3 Additional Close-Up Details, 4 Items, 1 Headshot/Expression
Premium Pack
See Every Side Of Them, Literally
Everything in the Starter and Standard Pack and more:
1 Side Full Body, 1 Alternate Outfit Full Body (Front and Back),
2 Additional Close-Up Details, 1 Additional Headshot/Expression

Sample: Standard Pack + Shoe Details + Additional Jacket

✦ Additional Full Body
Front side only
Side-view only
Front and Back side

✦ Headshot
Recommended for showing different expressions or alternate hair styles
✦ Additional/Alternate Top or Jacket (Front, Back)
No head or hands (see sample)
✦ Shoe Details (Front, Back, Sides, Bottom)$50
✦ Item
Price is per item
Recommended to get a better feel of the character's personality/hobby/vibe
✦ Additional Close-Ups/Details$30



  • Commercial fee included in prices.

  • If used for merch, please note it in the commission form.

  • Static emotes will be delivered in 4 sizes: 300px, 112px, 56px, 28px.

  • Animated emotes will be delivered in 300px gifs.


  • $40 USD each.

  • Minimum order of 3 emotes.

  • $10 off every 3rd emote (valid through Dec. 31)

  • Starting 2024, orders of 6 emotes or more recieve a 10% discount.


  • $60 USD each.


  • $30 USD per unique badge, $15 per variation

  • Unique badges are made by scratch. Variations are copies of unique badges with slight changes in color or design.

  • Get a set of 6 unique badges for $160 ($20 off)

✦ Tier 2 & 3 Flairs$20



  • Commercial fee included in prices.

  • Each alert will be delivered in ~800px gifs.

  • Animation must be less than 8 seconds.


  • Starts at $120 USD. Price may increase depending on complexity.



I make budget-friendly emotes, badges, VTuber models, and more!


For now, I just make punny Pokemon stickers when I feel inspired.


By commissioning me, you agree to have read and understood the terms of service provided below.


  • If you fail to follow the rules provided or display any ill behavior, I have the right to decline your commission.

  • Fill out the commission form properly to request a commission.

  • For company or talent agency VTubers, please send an email to for further discussion.


  • Prices are in $USD.

  • All commissions must be paid upfront in full via PayPal, Stripe, or Venmo.

  • Commissions that cost more than $500 can be paid half first and half when the commission is finished (files sent after 2nd payment).

  • Commission will be cancelled if payment is not sent within 72 hours.

  • Price may increase depending on the complexity of the commission (ex. tattoos)

  • Rush orders will incur an additional fee of 50% of the total order.

  • All listed prices are for personal use only, unless the inclusion of a commercial fee is stated in the commission's price details.

  • Commercial Use:

  • x2 for promotional/streaming purposes (Twitch, YouTube, VTuber branding, etc.)

  • x3 for merchandise purposes (Ex. stickers, prints, charms, etc.)


  • Please provide complete references of your character (Ex. fullbody, base colors, details)

  • Written character descriptions without references will be rejected.


  • You can check for progress status here.

  • I generally take between 2-3 weeks to finish a commission. Live2D models may take about 2-3 months.

  • Rushed commissions can be done in about a week for an additional fee of 50% of the total order. Live2D models cannot be rushed.

  • Sketch Phase: Up to 3 revisions (face expression, accessories).

  • Render Phase: Up to 2 minor revisions.

  • Extra revisions will be an extra charge of $10 each time.

  • Mistakes by my part such in sketch and render phase will be fixed for free, but not if it was cause by unclear references sent by the commissioner.

  • Final piece will be delivered through a Google link where you can download it.


  • Once the commission starts, there's no refund so please stay aware of this before requesting.

  • If for some reason I am unable to finish your commission, I'll refund 100%.

  • If you file a chargeback against me, your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted.

  • You will be blacklisted from commissioning art from me and I will warn other artists about you.


  • I may post the commissioned artwork to my social media as portfolio or with advertising purposes (commission openings/examples).

  • You can request to keep it private or to be uploaded in a later date. Please let me know in your commission form.


  • I, as the artist, hold all the copyright of my artwork.

  • You are allowed to upload the final piece in lower resolution to your social media with the proper credits to me as the artist

  • You may NOT reproduce or alter commissioned piece to resell or profit.

  • You are not allowed to use the product in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cyptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.

  • You are not allowed to use the final piece in AI generators.

  • LIVE2D & PNG Models:

  • Do not claim the authorship of the arwork.

  • Do not post the full-sized PSD/PNG file online.

  • You must credit me as your model artist and/or rigger in your social/streaming platforms bio.

TOS is subject to change without previous notice.
If you break any of the TOS rules, you will be blacklisted for future commissions.

Original CharactersMecha/Armor
HET/BL/GL (SFW Only)Real People*

*I prefer not to draw real people as it can get repetitive, but you're welcome to request in case of special occasions.
(Ex. Anniversary, gift, etc.)

- Updated July 31, 2023 -